20 March 2021

Meten grass clippings

Grass clippings, theory and practice Flip Wirth and Wim Pelkmans 5 February 2020

FW gives an introduction on the theory of grass clippings. He consulted Micah Woods' internet publication to read the book entitled: One bucket at a time: https://www.asianturfgrass.com/buckets/There is a protocol for measuring grass clippings aggreed.

Wim Pelkmans shows how the measuring grass clippings in practice works. He also made a video to show that measuring is very easy and takes little time.

With consistent measurement you gain insight into the grass growth in relation to fertilization, playing quality, its timing, etc. It is actually surprising how much information can be extracted from the measurements and how the greenkeeper can steer based on this information.

On 18 November at the concluding yearday Andrew Knott explains in a presentation why he collects Grass Clippings and what the added value is: in little time you get a lot of information about the condition of your grass.

DGB members can enter measurements (in liters) in the database. The measurements are converted to ml/m². This unit value is used for comparison and steering. Hereby the complete protocol.

For non-DGB members there is an Excel sheet in which the measured amounts can be entered.

Non-DGB members who also wish to participate are requested to contact hp.wirth@outlook.com