15 November 2020


Van Dr. Andy Owen ontvingen we onderstaande lezingen over IPM en fusarium.

Video 1 with Dr Kate Entwistle – provides good background on the turf disease microdochium patch

Video 3 with Glen Kirby from Syngenta provides good information on use of fungicides for the disease management.

Video 7 provides insight into the extensive & successful trial work completed by ICL on this topic (this is 60 minutes long).

The video titles are below, with the correct links. All 7 videos can be found on this link (it’s a playlist) https://bit.ly/ICL_ITMPlaylist

  1. Background to Microdochium patch. https://bit.ly/ICLITM_1
  2. What is integrated disease management? https://bit.ly/ICL_ITM2
  3. Managing Microdochium patch with a fungicide programme. https://bit.ly/ICL_ITM3
  4. Early Microdochium patch trial work– testing technologies. https://bit.ly/ICL_ITM4
  5. ISTI trial 2018. Successful ITM programmes in practice. https://bit.ly/ICL_ITM5
  6. Key outcomes from all the work. https://bit.ly/ICL_ITM6
  7. ITM Trial Summary - Bonus Session. https://bit.ly/ICL_ITM7

Webinars are also available on anthracnose:


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